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Matters of Morality

The following video and text originally appeared on filmmaker David Conover’s blog 

Simply noticing and recording the disturbing trends of a degraded world is a virtue of science and all those practicing it. The process reveals a lot of information about the world around us. But information alone is not enough to mobilize action on the scale required to make that world a healthier and more desirable place for our children. A set of political relationships with this, that, or the other political party is not enough. Nor are relationships in the marketplace. Nor a broad appeal to beauty. In the video clip below, the writer Carl Safina speaks about the kind of relationship he believes is required.

For more information about this unique film that explores human’s relationship with the natural world, please visit Behold the Earth’s home page:


  1. Hi Carl,

    Wanted to thank you for the reply on the other comment. i appreciate that you took the time to thank me. I saw your video on matters of morality and I completely agree with you and I think it’s ashame that people are more interested in material things then our planet and our animals and it’s a shame because this is all connected we are all connected. I loved your video its so true. The people have started a new world that says “Its all about me”. So again thank you for your posting. I had missed this video I guess it must of been when I didn’t have my glasses

    Jacque from Palm bay, Florida

    • yes. that video, by the way, relates to themes explored in a new book I’ll have coming out by summer of 2010. best to you.

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