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Whales’ Are Back!

whale flip 2For a moment, let’s forget the bad and difficult news. We should celebrate success when we can. One of the literally biggest successes is that in many parts of the world whales are again common, and increasing in number. Yes, Japan, Norway, and Iceland still insist on killing whales commercially. Yes, we kill incredible numbers of fish that whales, tunas, and other animals eat. The work to protect them isn’t over. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that on a 2-day trip out of Montauk, Long Island to Great South Channel east of Nantucket (organized by, we saw over 60 different Humpback Whales, several Fin Whales, and several Minke Whales. We also saw White-sided Dolphins and numerous seabirds.

In my photos here, all the whales are Humpbacks. I’ve put more photos in an album on Blue Ocean Institute’s Facebook page entitled “Whale Watching August 2009.”  Enjoy the photos from a great conservation success story.

-Carl Safina

Whale back

Whale breach

whale eye

whale flip



  1. That is indeed encouraging to see whales making a comeback. I’ve just been reading in Voyage about the resurgence of sea turtles. I’m using the book as a textbook this fall, and I was wondering if you knew of any good footage of a female digging a nest?

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