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A News Roundup

A bit of a news roundup here:

New York Times food writer Mark Bittman had a good piece called “A Seafood Snob Ponders the Future of Fish.”  He has his knives out for overfishing, bycatch, and bad aquaculture, but also points the way forward, with some good sidebar graphics. It’s at:


 More on the Bluefin Tuna Saga:

 We got news last week that a judge ruled against our lawsuit seeking cessation to fishing for bluefin tuna in the Gulf of Mexico, where this dwindling population spawns. I was the plaintiff, and Earth Justice brought the suit. We lost because allowing the fish to spawn would not prevent overfishing during the time they are not spawning. That was not really the point we were trying to make, nor what we were trying to accomplish. Meanwhile the fish continue to dwindle.

 Delegates from the Atlantic tuna commission, who have engineered the failed management of the bluefin for 30 years, have their annual meeting this week. Several countries may try to get the east Atlantic quota cut by half.  But there is so much illegal fishing that it will take more than a quota pronouncement.  And the western Atlantic fish are going extinct, and no official wants to acknowledge that.  What’s needed is an Atlantic-wide moratorium.  Our article “Collapse of Bluefin Tuna in the West Atlantic,” co-authored by myself and Dane Klinger, is at:

 Meanwhile, in Europe, 16,000 people signed up to join protests organized by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). See an article on the Environmental News Network at:


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