Posted by: carlsafina | Sunday, April 27 08

Our New Paper on Bluefin Tuna Collapse

Though the Bluefin is a special fish, its problems are just one instructive example of how management can go off the tracks if the scientific part of the process is corruptible by short-term economics and political lobbying.  We call for a five-year moratorium on possession of Bluefin tuna throughout the western Altantic and the closure of Gulf of Mexico spawning areas to all gear capable of catching Bluefin tuna during Bluefin spawning season. 



  1. I think this would be a good place to start maybe a two year moratorium might go over better. We live in San Felipe Mexico and on June25 2008 I saw a school of about 11 bluefin tuna from my apartment. I have caught bluefin tuna in Bimini. I also dove one up and gave it to the people of Bimini so know first hand what they look like. I could not see their gill plates as the water was murky. Keep up the good work! We will be doing turtle research here so have a nice day! Cpt Jerry

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