Posted by: carlsafina | Thursday, May 24 07


Carl with Albatrosses

Greetings to all and welcome to my blog. I’m happy to share with you my marine research, deep-water discoveries, and hopeful inspiration that finds its way to me from the ocean – whether I write from remote locations, like the South Pacific, or my home on the eastern end of Long Island.

This week, I’m with a group of travelers on a Lindblad Expeditions tour of the Baja Peninsula. I look forward to new inspirations I can pass along to you.

Best, Carl



  1. Hello,

    I just wanted to say that I have read two of your books, Song for the Blue Ocean and Voyage of the Turtle and loved them both. Thank you. I have taught scuba diving for a few years, maintain a small web site with my personal underwater interests and am struggling with staying in the ‘real’ world versus the natural world and you inspire me.

    I wish you continued success.

    Steve Roper

  2. thank you very much Steve. I appreciate your taking the time to write.
    I think the natural world is the real world. The human-made world is the artificial world, by definition. Right?



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